In this important archaeological reconstruction of a sunk relief wall scene in Ramses III mortuary temple at Medinet Habu, we see the king depicted kneeling before the creator Amen-Ra, his wife Mut and their son the moon god, Khonsu. At the extreme left we see Thoth inscribing the pharaoh’s name for eternity.

This painting, I did in 1995 using acrylics on a 24” x 48 canvas. There is a sufficient amount of original pigment still on the wall that, I was able to do a full color reconstruction. However, with the degradation taking place in this and other Egyptian monuments, all the original color will probably be gone within another 50 years. Then my painting will be the only full color reconstruction showing what this masterpiece looked like when it was painted new over three thousand years ago. The original painting hangs on the wall above my workstation in my office/studio.

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Tuthmosis III
Tuthmosis III

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