If you are a book publisher or scholar: I can design custom book covers and book jackets that incorporate ancient designs that are relevant to the culture that is the focus of your book.

There seems to be an inordinate recycling of the same old reference pictures used in books about the great civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Roman, etc. I can offer you many fresh new illustrations that are scholastically based and researched.

If you are an academic organization, institution or museum: I can work with your graphic department staff as an adjunct to help supplement in their ancient world graphic design research on important historical and archaeological projects.

If you are movie producer: I am available as a consultant about the art and culture of any project dealing with the ancient world (principally – Egypt, Greece, Pre-Columbian, Roman and Asian civilizations).

If you are an individual: I am available commissions. Simply contact me so we can discuss your ideas.

Phone: 720-545-1671 or E-mail:

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